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Updates From the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

Passed in November of 2017 and taking effect in the 2018 tax year, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is arguably the most significant update to US tax law in the last 30 years. While the majority of the bill focuses issues related to individual taxation, there are many changes for businesses as well. By understanding  how the TCJA affects you and your business, you can avoid surprises come April 15th, take advantages of the new tax features, and help your business succeed. 


How will the Tax Reform affect you in 2018?

Everybody is wondering how the new tax reform will affect their bottom line.  This is a big bill with over 400 pages.  We have read every page and have created a simple-to-follow formula and a compressed guide to help you understand the major points.  This turned out to be bigger than a normal blog entry so we are creating a new part of our site to focus on tax reform.